Just a heads up, I’m migrating this blog. I’m keeping this URL live, but I’m now going to be posting on my main site. This is a necessary transition for the following reasons: SEO. If I’m going to claim any sort of competence as a content marketer, I need to start using best practices, and […]

Mobile Optimization

This post is going to be hypocritical. I’m sorry. But I promise I’m trying to make it better. It’s about mobile optimization. Is your size optimized for the slew of screen sizes your visitors are using today? You’re in for big trouble soon if it’s not. About half of all web traffic for the sites […]

Google, you sneakies.

Saw this today:   Wait – the browser I’ve been using for free for years is now being used to sell something to me? I’m sure some people are going to be turned off by this, but really, it’s subtle, I can get rid of it right away, and I am aware I’ve been using […]