How to Embed Vine Videos

Vine is pretty neat, and like I wrote about earlier, I think it’s loaded with potential. However, there’s nearly zero documentation for it yet, including basic features like how to embed your Vines onto your WordPress posts.

(By the way, are we calling them “Vines”? I propose “Vineos,” but that sounds suspiciously close to Vimeo, and they might not be too keen on that.)

Here’s how to post your Vines to your blog until Vine provides a direct method:

  1. When posting your Vine, make sure you share it on Twitter. (I’m not aware of a way to¬†retrieve/embed¬†your Vines if you don’t have a link posted to Twitter.)
  2. Go to your Twitter feed and find the tweet with your vine
  3. Click “Show Media” (this step may be unnecessary, but the embed didn’t work for me unless I did this)
  4. Click “More,” then click “Embed Tweet”
  5. Copy the code from the pop-up.
  6. In your Edit Post page on WordPress, make sure you’re using the text editor (not Visual), then paste the code where you want the embed to occur in your post.
  7. Save your post and you’re done!

HERE’S A VERY IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER: Don’t go back to the Visual editor after pasting your embed code in the Text editor – that will screw up your Vine, and the embed won’t display properly on your post.

(Vine definitely has a few kinks to work out, but here’s hoping. For some reason, I trust the Twitter team to do something awesome with this.)

Of course, it would be dumb to post something like this without including a Vine, so here it is:

Vine is pretty cool, and I’m eager to see how it grows from here. In the meantime, check out my other post about Vine to get a breakdown of what rocks and what’s lame about Vine – so far.

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  1. Inside my Rocket January 26, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    My hair has turned all grey trying to figure out how to embed Vine vids on my own blog. I’ll try out your solution right away.